The Humorous ways Nigerians are reacting to Buhari’s speech

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The much-anticipated address of President of Nigeria has left many disappointed and has steered multiple reactions across social media.

The 10 minutes speech left many unsatisfied as many pressing issues such were not addressed.

Disappointed citizens took to social media to humorously express how they felt about the speech.

Within minutes Canada started trending on Twitter as many Nigerians who seemed to have lost hope in the country were tweeting about the fastest way to exit the country and get to Canada.

“How can I get to Onatario from Costain” Tobi Williams tweeted. Costain is place in Lagos State.

Anastasia also tweeted “If you are in UK or Canada or even Germany and you want to get married to me next year (and take me out of the country) please message me. You can be a man or a woman, ko matter (it does not matter). I am gentle and I have small sense, please retweet”

“2023 is too far, let us open gofundme to buy aeroplane please, we will leave in batches” Dewanzel tweeted.

“Better download Duolingo and begin to learn the language of your dream country. As for me, “cest lo momo, lo momo la fete”.

Portrait Al tweeted “The way Nigeria is now, if Oyibo bring ship to start shipping people to UK for slave trade, people will be struggling to enter”

In response to Portrait’s tweet, Abdulbasit Umar said “I dey go with my chain, I no wan hear say chain don finish”.

“Please how long will it take to swim from bonny island in portharcourt to Italy” Jude Isaac tweeted

Others felt the president issued a silent threat to protesters and international bodies who have learnt their voice to Nigeria in recent times.

“So basically, Buhari just said, “So called protesters, if they born you well, continue with your protest” SavvyRinu

“Buhari said international bodies should mind their business and not put their mouth in our matter”, another person tweeted.

Senator Shehu Sani tweeted, “You asked for speech, you got the speech and now you are speechless”

Senator Dino Melaye (SDM) tweeted “The speech of the President made me speechless. Mehnnn I tire oooo. Recommending Panadol for cancer is suicidal.

Peter Ayodele Fayose said “Speechless speech. I warned Nigerians”

Danky, a Marine navigator and Google certified digital marketer commented in a series of tweet saying, “For this life ehn, fear who no fear Buhari; I blame my great grandfather from hiding away from the Slave masters. He should have surrendered himself; By now, I would have been in the UK. There is a ship going to Gabon tomorrow, hit me up if you’re interested”

“Summary of President Buhari speech: 1. Bubu said we caused our deaths; 2. Policemen lost their lives because of protesters; 3. He will not tolerate our protests; 4. International community, mind your business!; 5. If you protest again, my army will show you.

Christian Purefoy tweeted that “I am ready to be corrected, but not sure that #Buhari speech was even “live”

Samuel Mbah noted that “Even national anthem long pass Buhari speech”

Sonjoe Kutuh, a legal practitioner said that the summary of Buhari’s speech is ‘if them born una well, make una continue the protest’. My country”.

So Buhari did not even show emotions, he did not even mention the Lekki massacre. That’s basically like laughing at us. Mehn this country”

Emmanuel Onwioduokit, professor of Economics at University of Uyo said “A dormitory prefect could have done a better job. It is the reflection of how low the highest office in the land has descended.

He did not even connect with the paper on which the speech was written talk less of connecting with Nigerians”.

Wale Adetona, a marketing & Strategic Communications expert tweeted “Na we mess up, Na we dey expect speech. Now we have the ‘speech’. Thank you Buhari, for the well-articulated speech that addressed the current situation of the country”.

“If everybody runs, who will be left to fix the nation?” All the ones they have been fixing since 1960 nko? Go and fix it nah. Canada go full next year!”

Mr Debo Macaroni said “Did anyone else see ‘shot by Clarence Peters’ at the end of Buhari’s speech?

Police to Nigerians: I will kill you and nothing will happen.

Buhari to Nigerians: behave or the police will kill you.

We are completely on our own

Mr Dipo Awojide, a senior lecturer in career strategy and MSME coach tweeted, “Man literally said if you try me, you will see my true colour. No one cares about these loans and monies for young people if they cannot protest peacefully, Mr Buhari, this is a long but empty speech”.

Danny Walter noted that “Buhari has always been the one shocked but after this speech, Nigeria is shocked! I am free to travel! You can also marry me off, I do not mind! I promise to be calm and faithful.

Professor Emy Jack quirkily responded “Ghana’s population at 7pm, October 22, 2020 was 32 million. Ghana’s population after Buhari’s speech is 70 million.”

Queen mother, a stark promoter summarised Buhari’s speech in a nutshell as “Go back to your normal lives; let the police keep killing you. Dare to protest and the army will kill you”.

Mo_easy tweeted “It is finished; Ghana please welcome me; Truly you guys are better than us”

Habeeb Sango O Keeere posted a picture of someone reading a book on how to swim from Nigeria to Spain.

A friend said the president did not say anything. His friend replied Haba-Haba-Haba. You missed something. He said that we mischief-makers felt that disbandment of SARS was a sign of weakness.

Summary: 1. he greeted us; 2. he told us of the interventionist programmes of his administration; 3. he told the protesters to stop as govt will no longer allow disruptions; 4. he thanked everybody; 5. he wished us good night


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